Improve your English language skills quickly with the help of our highly qualified teachers. VLC teachers are all native-English-speakers, from: Canada, the United States, the United kingdom, and AustraliTwo Female Studentsa.

General English Courses

Our program consists of 11 levels of Grammar and 6 levels of Communication. It covers 4 subjects: Grammar, Speaking, Listening, and Reading, & Writing. The program is divided into 3 blocks: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. It is endorsed by the Secretary of Education (SEJ).

English 4 Young Learners

Children learn languages at incredible speed. It is important to take advantage of this learning ability they have to teach them English from very young. Our program combines games and activities in English, as it is a fun and effective way to teach a language. There are 18 levels, 3 modules. 2-hour classes, 3 times a week.
Speak, learn and have fun!

Business English Program

The Business English Program aims to develop and refine communication skills in a work setting; Some of the topics are: phone calls, writing emails, attending meetings, presenting information, and socializing. It also aims to improve grammar skills and listening skills.

TOEFL IBT Preparation

The TOEFL IBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is used to assess the skills of people who use English as their second language. The TOEFL IBT score is required for admission to more than 2,400 institutes and universities in the United States and Canada. Some institutions and government agencies use the TOEFL IBT score to assess the level of English proficiency.

TOEFL PBT Preparation

The TOEFL® PBT test, administered in a paper-based format. TOEFL PBT is a written test that measures the ability to use and understand English in a classroom at a college or university level. It accurately measures how well you can listen, read and write in English while performing academic tasks.

IELTS Preparation

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) will help you get a higher score on the exam. This exam assesses the full range of English skills that students face when studying or working abroad. It is accepted by the Department of Immigration of Canada as a method to evaluate the level of English of the people who wish to immigrate to this country.