Known as the most Mexican of Mexican cities, Guadalajara is the perfect place to experience authentic Mexican Guadalajara, Mexico at Nighttraditions, while enjoying a safe, comfortable Spanish immersion experience.

Many Mexican features and traditions originated in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city. They include Mariachi music, tequila, the Mexican rodeo, broad-brimmed sombrero hats and the Mexican Hat Dance. These traditions are still alive and well, and can be seen everywhere. The colonial village of Tlaquepaque is a great place to become immersed in these fun traditions.

Part of Guadalajara’s appeal is that it has many of the attractions of Mexico City – a vibrant culture, great museums, exciting nightlife and good places to stay and eat – but few of the capital’s problems. Guadalajara is bright, modern, well organized and unpolluted. Visitors can always find interesting things to do. Guadalajara’s distinctive mix of modernity and tradition make it an ideal destination for living, studying or just visiting.

There are a number of excellent restaurants close to the school, including the restaurant with the world’s fastest service. Don’t miss the dolphin and seal show at the Guadalajara Zoo. On weekends, you can explore nearby tourist destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Tequila, and Guanajuato. Whatever you like to do for fun, you will find lots to keep you busy in Guadalajara!

The cost of living in Mexico is low in relation to many other countries.