Teaching English as a Foreign Language ( TEFL )

A TEFL certificate is your key to living and working around the world or here in Mexico.  As the name suggests, TEFL involves teaching English to those whose first language is not English.

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Spanish Language Courses

Our Spanish language courses have been carefully developed to improve your Spanish language skills quickly and efficiently. Our sophisticated curriculum ensures that you learn what you need, when you need it, without missing or repeating material.

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English Language Courses

Improve your English language skills quickly with the help of our highly qualified teachers. VLC teachers are all native-English-speakers, from: Canada, the United States, the United kingdom, and Australia.

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Vancouver Language Centre

VLC is more than a school. It's a learning community.

Students come from around the world to join our Spanish language program. This adds a unique international dynamic to our campus.

Our English language program offers more than just learning opportunities for local students. It enables our student teachers in our TEFL program to gain practical teaching experience, with real students, under the careful guidance of experienced VLC teachers.

Many students in our English language program go on to study at our partner schools in Canada and other countries.

We are located in the gorgeous city of Guadalajara, Mexico. As well as being a very fun place to further your education, Guadalajara offers strategic advantages. Direct flights go to Guadalajara International Airport from most major cities in North America. The favorable exchange rate of the Mexican peso makes Guadalajara an economical study destination.

Whether you want to learn another language, or teach one, we can help you achieve your goals.


Meeting with International Students

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